Monday, November 17, 2008

The Feast of our Founding

Happy Feast Day!

Yesterday, I celebrated Gertrude and today the anniversary of our founding. The sisters have encouraged me to remember our celebrations back home. They asked alot of questions about Gertrude yesterday, so I'm preparing for more today!
When I was living in Sioux Falls, I sometimes forgot these celebrations and feasts in the business of everyday teaching and running about. Now that I'm living without other Benedictines from home, I am much more aware of the events at the Monastery. There are so many 'little' celebrations that make up our feasts...I just never realized it until now. Hmmm, could this be a part of stability. Carrying home in the heart no matter where you go?
I do have a technical question about the celebration of our founding. Is this feast celebrating our arrival and founding in Amercian (Missouri) or our grounding in South Dakota? I know our 'homebase' moved around those first few years, so I'm unsure what sense of 'founding' we are celebrating. I know I learned this in the Novitiate (don't tell Sr. Pierre) but simply can't remember!
Blessings & Celebrations!

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