Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I wonder if God knows that it is easier to stay inside and study when it is gray, rainy, and cold outside? The last few days have been dreary and wet here in Milwaukee; yet, the rain hasn't frozen since we are close to the lake. The sisters say it does take longer for the ice and snow to get started where we are, but I'm suspcious.

So, I've stayed indoors curled up with "Un-Standarizing Curriculum", "Rethinking Our Schools", and a whole raft of studies and articles centering around African American English in the English classroom. Some of the material has been interesting. The AAE articles are for my literature review and presentation in the theories of learning class. I'll be proposing that a fictional school adopt a culturally relavent approach to essay writing. This would encourage the student body to use AAE in the discussion, prewriting, outlining...all the prepratory work for the essay. The studies have shown that this removes the barrier of constant inner translation that may slow or hinder the process of writing for AA students. The translation of the students spoken and cultural language into Standard American English (or Edited American English) would be done as the last revision and editing for the final copy of the essay. Interesting no?

The cold and damp has also crept into the Joan of Arc Chapel at school. It is the chapel where Joan received her call to arms...long story short, a rather rich family donated it to the university. I like the quiet and simple space inside the chapel. Even thought it is in the midst of campus, the interior is subdued and reflective like a little oasis. It has been a nice place for noon Mass on the days I have evening class, but now it is getting chilly. The building wasn't renovated for heat when it was moved on campus and the little space heaters aren't keeping up with the cool enough for me. Ah well, all the more time to spend in the library.

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