Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feast of Saint Scholastica


Happy Feast Sisters, Friends, and Family! All of Wisconsin celebrated with me today...it was clear, blue, and over 50 degrees! It was a beautiful day for strolling about campus. All the snow has melted from the sidewalks, benches, and the greens. Many of the kids were in shorts and flip-flops, some were stretched out catching rays or playing frisbee.

I brought Scholastica to the Franciscans today! I started with Dove cards on their doors with our antiphon from the Song of Songs "Come my beloved..." I wrote out Scholastica's story and tucked it in individual bags of "dove" chocolate in heart shapes to help reinforce her dove and love. Finally, I created a centerpiece of my Scholastica wall hanging for the dinning room table. I was surprised at Mass, the Franiscan Friar celebrated Scholastica and asked me to tell her story for the students and staff at Cardnial Stritch...okay, there were only about 15 people there, but it was wonderful that he remembered. Tonight after class, we'll go out for custard to celebrate!

I've done some work today as well...I can hear Bernice in my ear, "So what are you doing with a that book reading?"


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