Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Lent


Happy Lent everybody! I know, well then...holy Lent. The weather is participating in Ash Wednesday; it is gray and gloomy with low clouds looming overhead. It is warm enough that if precipitation decides to fall it would be a cold spring rain. Such a contrast to yesterday's bright sunshine bouncing off the snow.

Truly, I don't have any news or interesting tidbits from Milwaukee. I do have homework, reading and more reading. A professor asked our opinion about a text he is using in our course. Well, he asked...I shared that each chapter was so compressed that I never knew what information was key. There were at least ten lists with each list having ten lists with the chapters; so much naming and so little explanation grew confusing. It was then that I noticed he was listening and nodding with a slightly surpized look on his face. So I asked if that had been a rhetorical question (I'm not good with those); oh no, he was just surpized that someone spoke up. He'd been using the book for years without complaint. Hmmm...maybe I should just go back to reading.


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