Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strange Days


Today has been one of those strange days. The day added up in its stranges over the course of a morning...and it will probably continue into the evening.

The weather began the strangeness of my day; it is about 35 degrees, but it is supposed to rain or snow tonight and tomorrow night...but melt each day. The sisters keep reminding me that this is perfectly normal Milwaukee weather, but it is strange if you ask me.

The gas man cometh :) Well, Chad from WE energies came to check the lines and meter and whatnot. The handsome, chatty, Chad with a trace of gray at his temples checked the whole house and found a small leak that he recommended we fix ASAP. After he left, Sr. Marcia and I had a chuckle about mister tall, dark, handsome, fix-it-man; and then there was a knock at the door. Chad returned to fix the leak himself...what a guy. This wasn't strange, except how many cute guys work for the gas company? Seriously!

I made it to Joan of Arc for noon Mass and had a bit of quiet. Suzanne (one of the campus ministry liturgical folk) asked if I would read...I agreed if she couldn't find a student-student to do so. Father Jesuit of the Day started Mass and when everyone sat down--Suzanne looked at me with the big eye that translates into "its you!". Not a problem...a long Genesis with Noah and the pairs of clean and unclean animals.

The stranger part was after Mass. A well dressed graduate student (maybe PhD) had been watching me during Mass and made a point to greet me at the sign of peace. When I stepped outside the chapel, she was waiting for me. She said that today was her birthday and that she decided to come to Mass only after her class had been canceled. Today, she had been terribly missing her sister who is serving as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Apparently, I reminded her a great deal of her sister and it made her smile. The strange part...the student is a beautiful willowy ASIAN woman. Um...I was in one my cardigan's and a skirt with my hair twisted back on the sides...but who is to argue with God's sense of conicidence? So I offered to pray for her on her birthday and we parted ways.

This strangeness will continue into my evening class which is focusing on various aspects of the null hypothosis theory. The concepts of probability verses chi-square and what makes numbers or study outcomes significant...I called Kara last week to ask questions...strange days...


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