Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wrong Alumni


Education has dedicated graduates, but the wrong alumni for fundrasing. My educational research class was trying to figure out where we'd be learning if the following news story had been about the Education building. The best guesses were: basements across campus, FIMA trailers, and Red Cross tents. Ah well, it was a good thing the fire was small and during the beginning phase of construction.


News delivered via e-mail at school...
The Milwaukee Fire Department responded to a fire at the construction site for Eckstein Hall at approximately 4 p.m. Tuesday. No injuries occurred; the six workers on site at the time were safely evacuated. Marquette’s Department of Public Safety worked to evacuate or partially evacuate nearby campus buildings as a precaution. The fire was contained quickly and extinguished approximately two hours later. While the fire was related to a propane tank used during construction, the exact cause is under investigation.
Normal construction at the site is expected to resume by the end of the week, with no delay expected in the scheduled opening of Eckstein Hall in fall 2010.
The 200,000-square-foot Eckstein Hall will house the Marquette University Law School. It is named in honor of alumni Ray and Kay Eckstein, who donated $51 million to the Law School. The building will also feature the Zilber Atrium, recognizing a $30 million gift from Milwaukee real estate developer and law school alumnus Joseph Zilber.

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