Friday, November 20, 2009

The Countdown


I have just realized that there are 26 days until I fly home for Christmas break with Sisters, family, and friends! Living in "November" has let me forget the pressure of December deadlines for course requirements! So, my countdown calender must begin! I'd like to think a homework helper might appear and I'll find that she has organized my messy outlines into completed papers with marvelous APA formatting, but it isn't likely. Thus, my 'office' wall has become a staging area for homework in progress and all the dust has been cleared out of my Ikea filing trays to keep everything in order. All will be done on time and with drafts currently in the works, but the realization of a countdown or deadline really lights a fire of encouragement!

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Lisa said...

It didn't work for Ron Weasley, it sure didn't work for Calvin, and I'm absolutely certain no charm out there will get you out of the history of education or the class with the TFA kids.