Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Founding Feast!


Happy feast day to all our Sisters! The anniversary of our new community in 1880. I often wonder those sisters handled the emptiness of the Great Plains after leaving their Swiss Alps and German forests. The few stories that remain are a good start for the imagination, but I always wonder...how did they teach the Native Americans at Fort Yates? The sisters spoke some English, but German was their native language. How did they keep their coifs so clean and pleated in the collapsing "houses" during those early frontier days? How did they all fit in that first convent? First they had sisters and Native American boarder students, then they switched from school to hospital and patients shared their convent for awhile.

Amazing...There is so much to learn from our earliest pioneer sisters. I hope they continue to pray for us as we continue to live their faith and mission forward.


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