Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Substitute


The teacher is home from school! and induction seminar and history class. But I got to go to school today! The principal for Notre Dame is also in my history of education course and was in deep need of one more sub for today. She asked so nicely and I have wanted to get in touch with students again, I just couldn't say no.

The college nun was up by 6:30, in the car by 7:20 and at the school parking lot by 7:45. Yup, it took 25 minutes in traffic this morning. I tried to use the time well; I was able to finish a rosary and listen to a few songs to get me ready for the day. By the time I got through the doors and heard the students voices, I started to feel like a teacher again.

I was filling in for 8th & 6th grade language arts, each 90 minutes, and 2 sets of 8th grade religion, 50 minutes.
Thrown in the mix was a few homeroom sessions for good measure. Sure, there were a few 8th grade girls who tried to pull a few things by me, and they probably did in Spanish, but I did keep us on the move. The morning started with one lovely lady who snuck Skittles into class. I gave her two options: give them to me or put them in her bag. She chose a different option and tucked them in her desk so she could keep I wouldn't notice. So, I quietly returned to give her two new options: give them to me or throw them away. Does anyone like Skittles?

The students kept me on the go, but I have to admit I enjoyed it. I started each class by writing "Sr. Carol Jean" on the board and introducing myself as a fellow student of Sr. Jean's (the principal). However, I was still "Miss" for the remainder of the class. "Miss" seems to be the general moniker of respect here...once I even got a "Miss Sister", I had to smile.

I was tired by the time I got through observing part of an induction seminar and half my history of education course, but still energized too. There is just something about those Children of God that keep me going along the way. I hope and pray that when I've graduated from University there is a job to be found and students to work with! Hmmm...maybe I can get my St. Charles Borromeo working on that along with St. can't get praying too early.


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