Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Snow Day


It is yet another snow day here in central South Dakota. Dad (a 38-year teacher) has been quite grumpy today. After a week and a half of Christmas break, school had classes on Monday and Tuesday, but 5 inches of fresh, fluffy snow and high winds closed school yesterday and today. The rural roads were easily blown shut since the previous 18-20 inches was never warmed above 10 degrees or so and was still easily blown all over creation. Tomorrow, it is supposed to dip to 20 below before the windchill and school would be late if it opens at all. Then I will have a very crabby teacher on my hands.

He woke up at 6:30AM yesterday and today after too many years of driving school bus and teaching kiddos. Instead of settling in and enjoying the day off, he fired up the snow blower and took on the block! He blew out our sidewalks and driveway, blew down to the former "pink" house at the other end of the block, and then blew his way over to the little-old-ladies on the other side of the block. He has re-done this route a couple times since the snow and wind started to make sure the older folk in our area have a clear way in and out of their homes. They don't know it, but he also checks their pipes and exhaust outlets to make sure all are safe and cozy.

This is the life I miss. Life in a small town is help your neighbor, you know your neighbor, and they reach back to you. My favorite part? The ladies know Dad accepts pay in baked pie crust : ) Here's hoping they 'pay' him while I'm still on my home visit!


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Lisa said...

the best was the banana cream pie by myrtle. hmmmm, tasty.