Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Night At The Symphony


After I learned not to believe all you read about the weather, I accepted an invitation out to the symphonic orchestra. While most of South Dakota has been soaked with a winter rain, only parts of the state have been experiencing the freezing rain and destruction of power lines. My Sisters and family are among the soggy but still electric section of the state. So, I shall just transfer said prayers of concern for heat and health to those who have been left powerless...and go to the symphony.

One of the Franciscan sisters had been given a gift card to the symphony's performances. She shared her gift with the whole house and we were blessed to share in her gift last night. First the orchestra symphony was joined by the symphony chorus and two guest soloists for Faure's Requiem, Opus 48. After the intermission, the orchestra symphony returned with a guest violinist for Edward Elgar's Concerto in B minor for Violin and Orchestra Opus 61. The music was amazing!

The Requiem was very smooth and mellow. The chorus was beautiful and the soloists divine (get it). I was struck by how their singular voice could be heard so clearly above all the chorus and orchestra. They were without microphones as far as I could tell; yet, their voices were crystal clear up to the farthest balcony (our seats). The second half was more energizing, the violinist was brilliant! I don't have the musical language to explain how awesome he was, but it was like listening to a family dynamic in full swing. The interplay between the orchestra and the violinist seemed like so many conversations happening at once; a family's chatting leads to exclamations of joy, lively disagreements, and loving reconcilliation.

I don't know what the composer's storyline was for the piece, but I could hear us in the music. When I am blessed enough to enjoy music like this, it amazes me. God's gifts that are present in the composer, each musician, and the conductor...amazing.


PS...Don't worry, I am also working on my course reading and writing! I also return to the middle school tomorrow!

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