Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the Books


My final Spring semester has begun! Since I have completed my required courses and the electives from the EDPL program in the College of Education, I've chosen to diversify a bit this final semester.

I have one night course from the EDUC program in literacy in the content area. Dr. Burant was a full tenured prof. at the university when she decided to return to high school teaching! Now she teaches high school chemistry and this one course at the university. I'm hoping to learn more reading strategies and scaffolding.

The theology of the church is a senior level course and I'm the old lady in the room. Most of the class is made of seniors who had a major or minor in theology, the others are just finishing up their third required theology course, but there are also a couple that should stir things up. The first day was spent sharing who we were and why we were there; one young man declared that he did not believe in suppressive religions and was only taking the least churchy of the courses offered and another tried to make a show of how his military aspirations were all misunderstood. Hmmm...the prof seemed okay with it all and took things in stride, but the theology majors chaffed a bit; it could be interesting : ) Today, I meet with the professor to discuss what readings she will add to my assignments to meet the graduate level. It will be interesting to learn more about the overall theological development of the church to the Church...we'll be moving from the earlier Christian to Roman Catholic views.

Overall it will be a good semester.



Lisa said...

i bet you'll want to thump the theology students and will chuckle at the military man. keep me updated on this class, it sounds interesting. and i bet the prof gets at least one of those 'i'm here to prove you wrong' in every class. have a good day!


Sister Carol Jean said...

I'm going to try to incorporate as best I can. I don't want to be the annoying non-trad right off the start. Besides, I'm there to learn and most of the kiddos have had more background in the academics of theology, but we'll see. Those two gents may or may not return, there are two or three ROTC guys also in the class and they just rolled their eyes. I kinda like them already. Blessings, Carol Jean