Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Feast of the Annunciation


"...for Nothing Will Be Impossible for God."

The English teacher in me found great comfort in the future tense of the verb "Will Be." I know, I know--it is scripture and not an grammar test, but that promise of the future held my attention.

Mary's "yes" needed support against the impossible not only at that moment of the Annunciation of her conceiving Christ, but also during the many difficult days and years that followed this revelation. I need God's support too. My "yes" to community, to new ministries, and whatever else might come doesn't need support only at the moment of decision, but also in the days that follow. The impossible moments sometimes sneak up on me and surprise my faith long after I thought the tough decisions had been made.

So, I'll say a prayer for those sisters, family, and friends who are reading today...that the God who's future promises never run short, carries you through the impossible obstacles that come from your open-hearted "yes" to His Call.


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