Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hopefilled Lent


I enjoy the readings from Isaiah, but I usually associate his prophecy with Advent and not Lent. I was surprised at the Old Testament readings for today...surprised, but glad for it. "...see, I am doing something new."

In the midst of my Lenten reflections of repentance and forgiveness, God reminds me that it is not good to continually dwell on the past. He has conquered all that stands in our way and He wants me to go forward with Him. This might mean I have to set aside not only the sorrows of the past that hold me back, but also the successes that I continually turn to.

"...see, I am doing something new." Isaiah reminds me that I need to look forward with Christ as my guide. God's plans are not my plans, and they can be infinitely more interesting. This reading was a gift this morning since I've been brooding a bit about finding a new place to minister. I continue to seek a new teaching position so that I can serve both students and my sisters, but I cannot rely on my ideas alone, God too has a plan and I need to continue to seek what that might be.

"see, I am doing something new."

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