Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I've hit a bit of a flurry in paperwork this week! All of a sudden the department paper I had been writing went from a relaxed discussion of "Oh, just follow the general rubric. If you tell a few stories about your teaching, you be fine"...to a series of reminders.

"It's due by April 1st! Have you had anyone read through your paper?" I had been asking about this for some time previously and was phoo-phooed. Now, I'm going to be hard pressed to get a 'reader'. "There will be several readers." What! Readers! I didn't know where the paper was going or who held all the grading power, but I wasn't expecting multiple readers for this paper. I know it's a final paper or Capstone, but it's nowhere near the level of a thesis...paperwork blizzard.

Then I have a happier paperwork. Amid all the schools to whom I sent interest letters, a few would like my transcripts! Yeah, a bit of paper blizzard in contacting all the colleges/universities, but I'm very excited. I hope that this helps them see me as a part of their charism.

And all these flurries just in time for Holy Week.


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