Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Franciscan Spirit in Poetry


This morning I joined the sisters at the Capuchin Ministry house to hear about "The Franciscan Spirit: A Poet's View." Jerry Schroeder is one of the brothers well known for his poetry and work in the arts. He shared some of his writings and how to approach spirituality with the heart of a poet.

Much of the beginning centered on a poem about Wind and leaving again and again on this wind to loose yourself on the wind. As the Franciscan sisters, brothers, and associates (oblates) discussed this ideal of following the spirit, I was struck at how other this idea was to me. They went on to share about poverty in following the Wind and being obedient to the Wind...and it was beautiful...but so very other.

One of the brothers said, "We respond to the Wind according to how we are made." Here was were I found my entrance back into the morning. The Wind blows through the Benedicitne life too, but we are made differently and may not fly about wherever the wind may blow, but it does lead us to dance were we are rooted.


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