Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More from the Mission


Fr. Richard had different themes for Tuesday's Teaching & Preaching. I'm summerizing and editing down to what I found interesting.

Teaching: Aquinas' Cardinal Virtues are all about balance and moderation (stolen from Aristotle). Prudence balances judgement and decision without making a rash choice or waffling for eternity. Temperance balances the needs and wants of worldly goods without becoming a glutton or living in total denial. Fortitude balances the use of strength and power without bullying or giving up. Justice must live in a balance of right relationship in giving and recieving what is due.

Preaching: What is the cost of becoming the Beloved? Accepting the invitation to become the Beloved only costs our own ego. In accepting the call, we lay aside ourselves and live as Christ in the world. What is the cost of denying God's invitation? A life of dissatisfaction rooted in struggle. He had alot more words to go around the idea, but I think you can do without the infomercial explanation he gave of God's Grace (I could see Marielle cringing).


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