Thursday, January 22, 2009

Library Lesson Learned


I love the is a wonderful place to read, sip a cup of coffee in a non-spillable cup, and review notes over assignments or lectures. However, I learned a very difficult lesson at the library today.

I went to campus early to sink into one of the library's comfy chairs and finish some reading for my night class. After reading, I decided it's never to early to get a jump start on the 25-30 article literature review for another class. I sorted through abstracts about mentoring and teacher induction for about an hour and a half. By this time I had "marked" approximately 20-25 articles as possible items. I clicked print preview to make sure all the neccessary citation and abstract information would print...all was good. Next, I clicked on the button to indicate front- back printing (save the earth)...and the page reverted to my general search page. I lost the last 90+ minutes of work and eye strain. I tried "undo", I tried "go back", I tried silent prayer to St. success.

I shut the computer down exited very quickly stage left and called Kara. She was very understanding (thanks Kara!) and helped me laugh a bit. I shook off the bad karma with a cup of coffee and a stroll around campus. It was above zero, the sun was peaking through the clouds, and the snow was still pretty. By the time my evening class rolled around, I was back in good spirits.

Oh yeah...the Lesson...print first and save the earth tomorrow! (But don't tell the Franciscans!)


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