Monday, January 19, 2009

School work and Snow showers


School has returned with pages to read and online chats to compose. I've met with all my professors and the courses seem interesting. Dr. Scanlan teaches the Teacher as Leader course and has an energy that is readable even over the internet page! His first assignment was to set up a phone conversation or face to face meeting with him. I set up an office was a hoot. He asked alot of "Benedictine" questions and is encouraging my research direction for a leadership project in the class.

The Analysis of Teaching course also contains quite a bit of research and project development. I will be covering at least 20-25 articles for a literary review. My saving grace is that the third class Introduction to Research is a bit softer. There are actual midterm and semster tests, but the 'big' project is a 5 article literature review (hmmm, I do think it will be on the same topic as the one for Dr. Whipp's course). The course centers around learning how to find and determine the usefulness of research. I feel more confident about this.

I have had one setback and warning if you will...don't do pilates and scoop snow on the same day. After several days of self treating my lower back pain, I finally went to the doc. Lower back spasms are mean. I was treating them correctly, but he recommended some assistance with muscle relaxers and a more powerful pain medication. Finally, my back is starting to 'loosen' up a bit. However, I think I will postpose the pilates and buy a pair of long-underwear so I can go walking in the outdoors!


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