Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year! The sign of the Ox is a sign of power through prosperity and fortitude. The Franciscan sisters held a supper to honor their sisters from China to celebrate! The sisters remembered their community history in China. The community had been built up to 23 Chinese sisters as well as several Amercian sisters. When communism took hold, the American sisters were put into camps. The Chinese sisters were given two choices; they could either leave the community and stay in China or leave the country to stay in the community. Amazing...

The supper started with Chinese song and prayer lead by the remaining sisters from China. Before the meal was served there was one more element of celebration...Firework Sparklers In The Dinning Room! WhooHoo! The fireworks were followed by soup, pot stickers, egg rolls, pork stir fry, dessert dumplings, and fresh fruit! A great meal shared with some wonderful women.


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