Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gaudete! Rejoice!


Today, I joined the sisters in Gaudete Sunday at St. John's Cathedral. The space was renovated not too long ago (not sure when) and the result is warm and welcoming. It was a beautiful space to celebrate and rejoice during Advent. The whole of the interior seemed to be ready for Advent...a soft tan-rose color was used in much of the repainting and in the floor tile. Still, I must admit that the music was my favorite part at the Cathedral. It was only simple Advent music, but the parish I joined likes to jazz it up during this season and the Cathedral kept the organ subdued and the hymns familiar to the congregation. The result was everyone singing out loud and clear...

Tonight, the rejoicing continues with a wassail party. The sisters have invited family, friends, and neighbors to the house for fellowship, food, and wassail.
Last year it was quite the social event, and I'm assuming it will be filled with laughter again this year.

However, the student can only come up from her office for a quick bite or two. Tomorrow, each of us in the research class will present our study, findings, and implications to the group. We do plan on a little bit of Christmas Joy as well ~ one can't have presentations and not have treats : )


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