Friday, December 18, 2009

"O" So Glad to be Home

Greetings...two "O" days in one...

Friday we celebrate "O Adonai" and Advent is slowly giving way to Christmas around the Monastery. The sisters' living groups within the house have begun to decorate their group rooms with trees, tinsel, lights, and nativity sets (with the Christ child waiting until Christmas Day). Holiday baking can also be scented all around the house. Me? For the most part, I spent the morning catching up on paperwork and making deliveries around the Monastery offices. This afternoon I reserved for a deep meditation on silence...truthfully, 6:30AM prayer caught up to me and I rested with God for a bit. Then I helped carry in Christmas gifts from St. Mary Parish!

Tonight's O Antiphon is Jesus as the anointed leader...

O Adonai, and leader of the House of Israel,
who appeared in a burning bush to Moses and
gave him the Law on Mount Sinai,
O Come, come Lord and redeem us with your strong arm out-stretched!

Thursday...I was home in time for evening prayer and supper, but the day was long. The short version is that all the flights were out and in on time and the connections were good. I was happy to be home and found greetings around each corner. At supper I even received a kiss on the forehead from one of our wise elders, I think of it as a blessing. The O'Antiphon wreath of pine cones and lights was hung in the hallway to the refrectory with a one word written in delicate calligraphy displayed in the center...Wisdom...the antiphon and our prayer for the day.

O Wisdom of God, who came forth from the mouth
of the Most High, reaching from beginning to end,
and with great power yet gentleness
you set all creation in order,
O come, come Lord and teach us the way of Wisdom!

Blessings from the Monastery!

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