Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"O" So Much Anticipation


This morning was a silent witness to the O Emmanuel within each of us. Advent mornings are a quiet affair in the Monastery. We keep a reflective silence in the mornings until around 8AM, this includes our breakfast. Even with this quiet, the sisters observe and serve each others needs. One of our elder sisters had arranged her breakfast tray (we use a cafeteria style line) but was unable to carry it to her place, and by the time she looked up for assistance, another sister had already picked it up to carry to her seat at the table. At the same time, another got up from that table to pour the elder her morning coffee and milk. All this was done in silent orchestration and beautiful to see. I sat munching my homemade cinnamon bread and used our silent breakfast to consider these small acts done with love...Benedict would have approved. Tonight we continue to reverence the Emmanuel with the final O Antiphon.

O Emmanuel, our holy King and giver of the Law,
the expectation of the nations,
their longed for Redeemer and Savior,
O come, come soon to save us, our Lord God with us!


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