Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Sleeps!


Only two sleeps until I come home for Christmas and all the holy days that follow! I'm very excited to see all the sisters, family, and friends. I'll have just over two weeks at the Monastery in Yankton and then just under two weeks to bounce around and between family. This is the part of college that I like best, four weeks over Christmas to travel about and catch up with all the folk I've been missing. Okay, so I like the learning and meeting new professors and friends as well.

I sent home an e-mail to our sub prioress, anticipating the possibility of volunteering in a variety of ways while I'm home. The liturgist has claimed me for part of day to help out in preparing the chapel. This could involve carrying/arranging/rearranging poinsettias, setting out new candles, hanging the festive banners from the columns, draping white and gold material, and (of course) cleaning up after all the tramping about. I'm sure I'll get to help put several trees together for our hallways, entryways, and the gathering space by the chapel. My biggest hope is that our baking sister will need help with all the Christmas cookies, breads, and goodies that pour out from her ovens during this season. The warmth and smell from our bakery is intoxicating this time of year.

Sisters, I'm on my way home soon! I can't wait to be hugged over coffee, quizzed about school, and in all ways warmly brought back into the fold.



Lisa said...

bring home a bright pink feather tree to put by your lifesized nativity scene and see if anyone notices.

Sister Carol Jean said...

I just can't imagine that 2 foot tall fuschia feather boa "Christmas" tree anywhere near our beautiful Fontanini set. Maybe God would strike it into a feather duster within 30 paces of the creche?