Saturday, December 12, 2009

One More To Go


School is wrapping up all around me. The library is overrun with students trying to cram that last bit of information or write that last paper, the English teacher in me is suspicious that no outlines or rough drafts are being used in that process. There is this air of frantic, caffeine charged frisson where ever I walk by these clustered groups of students. I'm working down to the line as well, but a little more controlled.

The research study is written and safely saved in three locations (I don't want to loose those 53 pages). I have finished the presentation for class on Monday night as well...speaking in front of my classmates doesn't worry me. It will be interesting to hear about every one's research and conclusions. The paper I'm rewriting for the history course has me a bit more concerned. The prof. read a rough draft for me (very generous) and made several good suggestions, and now I need to reorganize the content of the paper to better fit his requirements.

All in all, I should be ready to fly home soon! I am excited to be home to help prepare for Christmas at the monastery. There will be hallways to decorate, cookies to bake, and a thousand little details to cover. Plus...O'Antiphons to sing and the chapel to prepare. I hope someone is making a list for this willing volunteer when she gets home for the holy days!


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