Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Awareness


It is a gorgeous day here in Milwaukee. The sun is beaming down brightly and there is a light breeze with just a hit of autumn coolness. The little chapel was locked up until just before Mass; so I sat out in the sunshine to listen and look for Advent.

The trees have lost all their leaves here, but the smaller (decorative) trees are covered in little red berries. The cool breeze waved through tall grasses planted between the flower beds. The grounds crews here at the University were driving about with pickup loads of evergreen branches to cover many of the flower beds for the winter...the whole of campus smells like Christmas already. The squirrels do not seem to appreciate this new development. They bounced all throughout the beds and bushes like little silver balls of fur. I wonder if they were searching for a way to their treasured buried far beneath the evergreens?

I was a wonderful break to just sit in the sunshine to look and listen. It is a beautiful day here, but now I go to the library to face papers, computers, and pages and pages and pages of reading.


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