Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preparing for the King


I had a wonderful day of decorating and celebration. All over the Monastery, sisters are preparing for the King the O Antiphon sings of tonight.

Srs. Kathy, Barbara, and I set to work decking the hall that leads to our refrectory. We pinned hundreds of satin covered Christmas tree balls to the ceiling! The red, blue, green, white, and gold balls now dance above whenever we walk down the hallway. Sisters stopped by our rolling scaffolding to encourage, admire, or offer advice as they made their way to various errands around the house.

After lunch a more serious preparation was undertaken, We began to decorate our Bishop Marty Chapel for Christmas. We celebrate Mass and Liturgy of the Hours in our Peace Chapel (lower chapel) until Christmas Eve Vespers. So...we have the next few days to prepare our Chapel, and we'll need it. Today, I joined the sisters (and our Benedictine Priest) in arranging trees and the Fontanini Creche set in our gathering space. It turned out simple and beautiful. Those in the Chapel assembled trees to frame our main altar, took down the Advent banners, and the wreath. Later, I helped with hanging the gold and white Christmas banners. Tomorrow the poinsettias arrive to offset our beautiful gold and white with red and pink...around the trees, in front of the altar, by the ambo, and where ever else they might brighten.

Jordan (my small group) is gathering for our Christmas supper tonight. We have a leisurely evening of food, visiting, and prayer. I assisted by making pretzels for an appetizer...but there will be so much at the meal...everyone signs up to make their best. But in a way, this 'family' supper is also in preparation for the King.

O King of Nations, you for whom all lands are longing,
You are the holy cornerstone who bind together all God's people,
O come, come and save human-kind, whom you formed from the dust of earth.


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