Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A View from Home


This beautiful image from home was a welcome gift from Sr. Marielle! I love how the photographer (P&D) was able to catch our Chapel roof low peak and the full moon in the same frame. The two birds on the cross just make me smile. It could work well as an Advent meditation...waiting upon the Lord...

A December homework update: I have turned in a rough draft of my policy history paper. The Prof is willing to preread student work to make editing and revision recommendations. He is the third former English teacher I've had in the College of Education! I am still working on formulating my discussion of the findings for my study. It has been interesting to peek into the perceptions of first year teachers, but I'll be glad to jump back into some practice of my own.

Speaking of practice, I had a good chuckle while volunteering today. The sixth grade boys were writing directions for making one of their favorite foods. One young man was explaining tamales. When I pointed out the need to be more specific in telling others how to wrap the tamale, I admitted that I had never made a tamale. He just looked at me for a moment and then said, "Miss, you've NEVER made a tamale?" "Well," I responded, "have you ever made pigs in a blanket?" His only response to this was if I had just made the name up.


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